Get a guy fall in love with you | What was my problem?

Hey 🙂

So, here is some more background to the situation between my boyfriend and I and what happened before we came together. As I stated in the previous post, when I got to now him a bit I quite quickly noticed that I had a serious crush on him. Unfortunately at that time he didn’t feel the same.

I still felt a bit bummed about my last relationship and my confidence wasn’t at my all time high. In fact, I felt quite sobby and alone. Which is a bit weird because my ex was a total douche and he certainly didn’t deserve me. And you know, confidence issues are not that easy to fix. You just can’t think “ok, now I will become confident” and everything will be great. No, its not that easy. So I started working on my confidence and was reading quite a lot how to be more confident. I was browsing through a lot of forums and blogs and unfortunately also bumped in to quite a lot of useless and even bad information. But I found some cool stuff too and will most likely share that with you a bit later 🙂

While working on the confidence part I also realized that it wasn’t my only problem. Obviously I was talking a lot with my girlfriends (thanks for the support dears :)) about everything, especially guys. Turned out that we all kinda were a bit unsure what guys were thinking in general. I mean. They are guys. They should be very simple to read, especially for girls, but turned out that we all were wrong. On a couple of occasions while we were hanging out, with also some guy friends around, we started again on this topic. We really did not have a clue what they were thinking about and how do guys behave like they do.

So, being a bit of a geek, I started looking for more information about guys’ behavior. Again, I bumped in to a lot of crap and was kind of thinking that screw it, there is just now way someone can understand guys. I was really hoping to get an advantage on my dream guy by understanding them better. Of course, those amazing understanding skills would come handy on my career too 🙂 Even though I was reading a lot and discussing with friends and guys, I was really confused. Especially with my dream guy, since he seemed to be sending mixed signals. First he seemed interested and not just a little bit, but then I wouldn’t see him or hear anything from him in ages. Okay, maybe for 10 days or so 😀 The feeling was killing me – I wanted to know what the guy wants from me! But even more, I wanted to know how can I get him fall in love with me, since I knew I only wanted him.

Then, one night while surfing in the Internet, I accidentally bumped in to this one page. It was an ebook. The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave” it was called. It looked pretty interesting, but I was skeptical about it.  I started looking for more information but it seemed legit and helpful. I was intrigued. Could this really help me get my guy? After thinking about if for some time, I just went for it. And boy did it pay off big time! 🙂 It really revolutionized my knowledge of guys and changed my ideas about their thinking patterns totally. I was psyched about all the info I got and I really started to understand guys better. I will write a more thorough review of the ebook a bit later. Be sure to check that out!

Until next time, take care 🙂



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