Get a guy fall in love with you | My story

Get a guy fall in love with you!

Hi all 🙂

So okay, here is the story. I’ve had a crush on this one guy for a long time. We have been studying in the same university and have been on some common classes. I guess the whole thing started in the beginning of the second year. I had broken up with my ex-boyfriend who turned out to be a total jerk during the summer. So, after the school started again, I began to be open for new adventures – also with guys. Thats when I met this awesome guy – he was cute as hell, very smart and funny (like seriously funny :D) and basically everything that I want from a guy. Soon, I noticed that I had managed to develop serious kind of crush on him. Very quickly, I couldn’t stop thinking about him, even though we didnt spend that much quality time together. But somehow, I just became obsessed with him.

Of course, it wasnt as easy as girl meets a guy, they fall in love and live happily ever after. The problem was that I it seemed that he didnt have such strong feelings for me. I was thinking how do I get a guy fall in love with me. And that is what this blog is about.

I managed to display my best qualities to him and eventually got him to fall in love with me. In the upcoming posts I will tell you how 🙂 I am positive that with my tips you can also get a guy fall in love with you! Stay tuned!

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